About us

HD Allstars are a Charter Standard football club based in Hackney downs, which is Clapton/Stoke Newington area. The club was founded in 2012 and currently run over seven different teams ranging from under 6-11 and a development Centre for kids aged 4-11. For more information, view our documents below.

Our Aims

HD Allstars FC yearn to keep supporting skills development in every child’s life under our scheme of training and development team. 

We Aim:

  1. To encourage team work and character building to boost individual self-esteems so children want to take part in football and other team sports.
  2. To develop personal skills in the ‘four corners’ and not give up on any child who joins the club and wants to play football.
  3. To provide opportunities for competitive football so children develop a sense of pride, accomplishment and achievement.
  4. To give back to our community by communicating with the young people in the area, listening to them and developing a good understanding of their wants and needs and help to create entry routes into professional football currently denied them.
  5. To promote football by expanding membership, creating a team for the under 7s, under 16s and a Sunday Youth Team so children can continue football into adulthood.