Under 8

HD Allstars Under 8s


Training will be held at Hackney Downs, Downs Park Road, Hackney, E5 8JY (opposite Mossbourne School)

Training times will be as followed:

6pm- 7:30pm


Due to the light from October 2022 to April 2023, FRIDAY training will be held at Petchey Academy, Shacklewell Lane, London, E8 2EY.

Training times will be as followed:




Training will be held at Hackney Downs, Downs Park Road, Hackney, E5 8JY (opposite Mossbourne School). All year round.

Training times will be as followed:

10am- 11:30am


We are starting in the North London Youth League in September 2023.

Home matches will take place at Hackney Marshes an normally work on a home one week, away one week but can vary.

Away games are based in North London, with Tottenham being one of the closes places and Enfield being some of the furthest places, however being involved in football for your child you need to be in the mindset of that you will be travelling. So please try and communicate and integrate within the team and parents work together, as you maybe able to share cars and take it in turns to take kids. Games take place on a Sunday morning and range for about a 1 hour after the game has kicked off.

We have put a few things in place to help with payments. Anything not understood please don’t hesitate to contact one of the members of staff.

Payments are made up of 3 payments

First payment

The first payment is £ 170 is due by 31st May 2023. It also provides 8 pieces of kit. Covers training Friday Training until August 2023 when the next payment is due.

The 8 pieces of kit.

  • NIKE TROPHY III LS JERSEY (university red and white)
  • NIKE PARK VI LS TRAINING JERSEY(2nd kit) (black on black)
  • NIKE PARK II KNIT SHORT (black with white)
  • NIKE CLASSIC II SOCK (university red and white)
  • NIKE RAIN JACKET (university red and white)

Second payment

The second payment is for payment of £250 is due by the first Friday in October 2023. That payment includes

  • HD Allstars Player Journal
  • Player League and Cup Registration for full Season
  • Any teams Under 12 are not permitted by the FA to take part in cup competitions
  • VEO camera more information can be found about this product on www.veo.co
  • It also covers training Friday and Saturday till March 3rd 2023

Third Payment

Last payment of £250 this is due by the first Friday in February 2024

This covers matches and training. In terms of the payment programme. As we charge £50 a month and on average put on 12 sessions per month which in total works out to be £4.15p per session. but separate it into blocks of 5 months which brings the total of £250. We run through for the months of September to June. An have July and August as pay as you go where it gives us a chance as coaches to take a break and reset to come back refreshed in September.


The summer schedule is the programme we take part in over the summer. https://www.hdallstars.co.uk/summer-schedule-2023/ We attend tournaments in the summer time when the league is over in April so it gives the boys football and focused as much as possible more information on that can be found https://www.hdallstars.co.uk/about/tournament-information/. An hold a end of year presentation in the last weeks in June 2023. An go on a trip to southend as a club information of last year https://www.hdallstars.co.uk/southend-adventure-island-2022/.

For a summary of last year summer schedule and what we done more information is here https://www.hdallstars.co.uk/summer-schedule-2022/


Payments are made by bank transfer

Andre Taylor

040075 Sort Code

35225777 Account Number