Meeting Minutes April 2022

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This information along with much more information can be found in the description of the group chat.

Payments Schedule

Friday 6th May 2022 

We aren’t putting prices up and will remain at the overall cost of £50 a month, we are trying to pay coaches on time and pay for facilities on time. With that bulk payments are being introduced, this is a way to move the club forward we have been established for over 8 years now and have done some great work in the community and some great success stories. For that to continue we need to follow models from established clubs and I have done some research and to maintain the point we aren’t using this as a way to increase price, the price remains the same and has done for the last 7 years however we need payments in bulk, as a huge minority of the club is paying late and every month to chase over 30 people is a huge task for such a small work force.

Friday 6th May 2022 

£50 due for month, latest payment date first Friday of every month.

Tuesday 31st May 2022 

Registration deadline £175, this cover entry into the league, equipment for the season including balls and goals and £75 of it will be used to purchase the Veo. A veo is a camera that allows us to improve our standard of coaching, as we are able to look back at the games and review the footage. If the children are doing P.E as an option in GCSE the footage can be reviewed by their P.E teacher for grading. This can be used as a tool of enjoyment for the children as they can clip the best bits and put it on social media and something they can be proud to be part of and continue their journey in sport. Some parents have stated their kids don’t want to watch them play anymore this is a chance for you to watch them play from the comfort of their home. We can attract more children to play for the club and help to secure our future as this is the way of the future. More information can be found out about this product on Everyone is expected to pay the money we are just trying to be transparent so you know what the money is being used for. (Under 11s Grady age group prices are £100 as they have already contributed their £75 so they could try and have their camera for the cup finals)

Registration 2022-2023

Friday 3rd June 2022

£50 due for month, latest payment date first Friday of every month. The last of the £50 payment

Friday 7th October 2022

First payment of £250 is due by the first Friday in October, this gives a gap of over 3 months and gives you a chance to prepare yourself.

3rd February 2023 

Second and last payment of £250 this is due by the first Friday in February. We haven’t put the next payment date in the months of December or January as the festive period can be very expensive.

31st May 2023

Registration deadline £120, to confirm we haven’t put the prices up its just so the club can run more smoother

6th October 2023 

First payment of £250 is due by the first Friday in October, now the payment schedule is on track and up to date you would have 5 months preparation.

3rd February 2024 

Second and last payment of £250 this is due by the first Friday in February

31st May 2024

Registration deadline £100-£150 Depending on League prices but the average of £50 a month won’t change.

Christmas parties, Photo Shoot and end of year presentations where trophies are given out aren’t at an extra cost and are all included in this. The only thing you will have to pay for and is optional if you attend is end of year trip, which this year is Southend, for more information please visit.

Continue to Meeting parents 4 times a year. To give them a opportunity to see how we can continue to grow and move the club forward to make in a more fun, learning and enjoyable place for everyone to grow.

July – End of year presentation

September – Zoom

December – Christmas Party

March/April – Zoom

Summer Schedule

Parent’s vs Coach’s

Date: 22nd May 2022, Time 10am Meet, 10:30am Kick Off

Address:Hackney Downs, Downs Park Road, Hackney, E5 8JY (Opposite Mossbourne school) for more information

First Tournament – Club Langley

Date: 28th& 29th May 2022

Address: 2 Hawksbrook Lane, (Off South Eden Park Road), Beckenham, Kent, BR3 3SR

SATURDAY 28th May 2022 – U14, U16s 1:30pm Meet

SUNDAY 29th May 2022 – U11s: 8:30am Meet

SUNDAY 29th May 2022 – U12s: 1:30pm Meet

Second Tournament – Ryan FC

Date: 11th& 12th June 2022

Address: Town Mead Leisure Park, Brooker Road, Cartersfield Road, Waltham Abbey.

SATURDAY 11thJune 2022 – U12: 8:30am Meet
SATURDAY 11thJune 2022 – U14, U16: 1:30pm Meet
SUNDAY 12thJune 2022– U11: 8:30am Meet

Third Tournament – ERFC

Date: 25th & 26th June 2022

Address: Oakthorpe School, Tile Kiln Lane, Palmers Green, N13 6BY

SATURDAY 25thJune 2022 –U12, U14, U16: 8:30am Meet
SUNDAY 26thJune 2022–U11: 8:30am Meet

Date: Saturday 2th July 2022 – Presentation date

Address –Stormont House, Downs Park Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 8NP

Time: 3pm-10pm

This day will be an acknowledgement of the children’s achievements during the season so it is important that all attend. Please feel free to bring cameras and recording devices if you wish to take pictures and film the achievements of your child on the day.

Date: July 9th 2022 – Day trip to Southend Adventure Island

On Saturday 9th July 2022 HD ALLSTARS will be going a day trip to Southend Adventure Island. A coach has been arranged to pick us up from Downs Park, Monro road. The coach will arrive at Downs Park Road, London E5 8JE for 8:30am and will be leaving 9am sharp. Any parent arriving after will be left or parents will have to find their own way there. The coach will be dropping the group back to Downs Park, Monro Road after theme park is close, and will be leaving after the park closes at approximately 7pm. for more information

Asked parents if they had any questions or things to add

After the coaches have sent them home after the game can they send a message in the group chat.

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