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As part of our drive to raise additional funds for HD Allstars we run a number of fundraising events throughout the season.


The Penalty King Competition will take place on Friday 9th February 2024 at Petchey Academy – we are asking all players and their families to do the following:

  • Use the sponsor form attached to write down sponsors and money per penalty pledged.  Ask family (older brothers, sisters, extended family, teachers and staff at school and close family friends) – only ask people you know


  • Each player should aim to raise a minimum of £60 worth of sponsorship.  If you can raise more places do, as all monies raised will help with the significant running costs of the team this season.


  • After the penalty king competition on Friday 9th February 2024, all players must bring sponsor form and it must be signed by team coach verifying penalty kicks scored and then collect all pledged money and return to team coach in an envelope with name clearly marked by Friday 9th February 2024


On Friday 9th February 2024, it is important all players are in attendance, ready to commence at 6pm sharp.  The player/family that raises the most money will receive an award. The form is at the bottom of the page to print out or will be handed out to each child over the up coming weekend.

Please speak to any of the HD Allstars management if you have any further questions.  Good luck and I look forward to hearing how much you have raised.


Penalties Kicks Form

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