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Good afternoon parents,

I can now confirm that The FA have now approved for all clubs to begin training as normal in our full groups.

Please see below for key points;

– For the new season everyone is now playing in their new age group (e.g. U10 is now U11, U11 is now U12)

– Sessions are on Saturday 10am-11:30am £5 per session until September

– Friday training from 12th September 2020

– Friendlies to be arranged from 1st August 2020

Registration this season is £100

– Football season to start in September as normal 

Our aim for the 2020/2021 season is to run 7 teams from U8-U15. Naturally we will have lost some players due to COVID-19 or other factors, so if you know any players, who would like a chance to join, please invite them to trial.

Also, it’s really important we know about planned holidays in August so we know what matches that can be arrange.

Finally, we will have a date either in August or early September regarding the presentation for last season achievements that will be given out as soon as we have the venue all clear. Hope everyone has a good week see you Saturday 10am.

HD Allstars

Andre Taylor

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