Summer Schedule 2024

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As you may be aware the football season is coming to an end with the month of April having the last fixtures. We have entered tournaments for the children to take part in starting from the month of May. The dates for the tournaments along with the addresses have been placed below for you to start planning. Weekends of tournaments we will not have training on Saturdays, only Fridays.

Tournaments are normally all day, ranging from 9am to 12pm or 2pm to 5pm depending on how successful the teams are. There is not an extra cost for the tournament and the monthly fees cover for your child to participate.

There may be parking available at the different tournament grounds, however this is not a guarantee so be aware you may be charge a fee to park in their grounds if space is available.

The deadline for next year registration is the May 31th 2024. If you are not register for next season you will not be invited to play in the tournaments, and only be able to attend the end of year presentation.

There may also be other activities going on throughout the tournaments to make the day more enjoyable for both adults and the young people which we encourage all to participate in.


Parent’s vs Coach’s

Date: 18th May 2024

10am: Meet

10:30am: Kick Off


Address: Hackney Downs, Downs Park Road, Hackney, E5 8JY (Opposite Mossbourne school)

On the Saturday morning we will have annual parents vs coaches day. Where parents take part in a game against the coaches, if you are unable to play you can have someone represent you in the game it will be 9 v 9. There will be no training on the Saturday 18th May 2024 as coaches will be playing against the parents

Parent vs Coach 2024


Parkwood Rangers

Date: 25th & 26th May 2024

Address: Bexley Park Sports and Social Club, Bexley Park, Calvert Dr, Dartford, Bexley DA2 7GA

Saturday 25th May 2024 – U8 (Daron), U10 (Tim): 8:30am Meet

Sunday 26th May 2024 – U7 , U9 (Grady), U11 (Antoine): 8:30am Meet


Registration Deadline

Date: May 31th 2024

If you are not register for next season you will not be invited to play in the tournaments, and only be able to attend the end of year presentation.

The fees for this upcoming season signing on are £120 for Under 16 this includes:

  • HD Allstars Player Journal
  • Player League and Cup Registration for full Season
  • Under 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 in the North London Youth League
  • Under 12 will take part in the London Cup (Sunday)
  • Under 12 will take part in the Middlesex Cup (Sunday)
  • Any teams Under 12 are not permitted by the FA to take part in cup competitions
  • VEO camera more information can be found about this product on

Payments are made up for 2 payments of £250

First payment of £250 is due by the first Friday in October,

Second and last payment of £250 this is due by the first Friday in February

This covers matches and training.



Ryan FC

Date: 8th & 9th June 2024

Address: Town Mead Leisure Park, Brooker Road, Cartersfield Road, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1JH

Saturday 8th June 2024 – U8 (Daron), U11 (Antoine): 8:30am Meet
Saturday 8th June 2024 – U10(Tim): 1:30pm Meet

Sunday 9th June 2024 – U7 8:30AM Meet

Sunday 9th June 2024– U9(Grady) 1:30PM Meet


Limitless FC

Date:16th June 2024 & 22nd June 2024

Sunday 16th June 2024 – U7, U8 (Daron), U9 (Grady): 8:30am Meet
Sunday 22nd June 2024 – U10(Tim), U11 (Antione): 8:30am Meet

Address: New River Sports Centre, White Hart Lane, N22 5QW


Ware FC Tournament

Date: 29th June 2024, 30th June 2024 & 6th July 2024

Saturday 29th June 2024 – U8 (Daron), 8:30am Meet
Saturday 29th June 2024 – U10(Tim), 12:30am Meet

Sunday 30th June 2024 – U9 (Grady): 8:30am Meet
Sunday 30th June 2024 – U11 (Antoine): 12:30pm Meet

Saturday 6th July  2024 – U7: 8:30am Meet

Address: Wodson Park Leisure Centre, Wadesmill Road, Ware, SG12 0UG


Date: Saturday 13th July 2024 – Presentation date

Address – TBC

Time: 4:30pm-8:30pm

This day will be an acknowledgement of the children’s achievements during the season so it is important that all attend. Please feel free to bring cameras and recording devices if you wish to take pictures and film the achievements of your child on the day.

All Ages



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