Toddlers ages 4-6 (Reception & Year 1)

Our session with toddlers are about introducing them to the physical activity and making sure it’s FUN and ENJOYABLE. Sessions are based to gear toddlers into learning there footballing ABC Agility balance and coordination so that they can improve their motor skills.

  • How to control the football on the move, dribbling, and movement off the ball.  
  • To gaining a understanding of special awareness an how to utilise it.
  • Challenging children to make decisions on the football and gaining their own understanding what ones to make.

These principles and training prepare them for them to play as part of a football team in our youth teams.

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Youth Teams 6+ (Year 2+)

We currently run over eight different teams starting from 7 years over. Regardless of their experience level in football, we work hard to create a healthy learning environment, not only to have fun and create new friends but to develop and grow.

We are always looking for new players to join whether it’s just to train or to play for a team, so come over and join in!

HD ALLSTARS believes that the team’s success all depends on each other working together as a unit. Of course, there will be different roles within the team for different abilities/talents but no one ever loses sight of the team ethos!

The schedule is a three-day weekly activities/sessions (Friday-Saturday and Sunday), playing games in a team against team format, displaying what they have learned over a period of time. Towards the end of the season, we enter tournaments where prizes are won.

For more information or to book a FREE TRIAL register your details and then contact Andre 07432789310.

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