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On 3rd June 2023

HD Allstars will be doing a social event where we will be doing team bonding. This will take place at Babylon Park, 8 Castlehaven Rd, London NW1 8QU.

We will be meeting up at 12:30pm for a 1pm start and a latest of 3pm finish.

We have managed to get access to unlimited games, rides as well as access to the soft play area. The only thing not included is the claw machine/ grabbers/games with big prizes. Those who scan yellow are not included. At least one parent or guardian is required to attend the trip, and will be responsible for their own child/ren throughout the day we as coaches will be there as well. we have been allocated unlimited tickets for the period  of 1-3pm.

Food and drink is not provided however we have a room to eat and drink in so pack lunch can be eaten on the day. For more information about the venue we are visit please visit


Tickets are set up into two bands

£15 for 1 hours between 1-3pm 3rd June 2023

£25 for 2 hours between 1-3pm 3rd June 2023

The deadline for the tickets are on Thursday 25th May 2023




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